Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monedas Brisas

Gaston Quieto's Monedas Brisas is a quick and pretty on-the-table routine. It's a refreshing break from the usual Matrix/Shadow Coins/Assembly effects. As the name says, the coins are handled in a light and breezy way. I think this is a fantastic addition to any Matrix style routine.

Gaston's effect can be found in the "Talk About Tricks" section of the August 2002 issue of Magic Magazine.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Coin Flurry

We'll start with a One Coin Flurry. My version was directly inspired by David Roth's Flurry Routine from his Expert Coin Magic, pp 23-25.

This effect can be performed impromptu, with a borrowed coin, making it ideal for casual performers. The modular nature of the routine makes it great for 'breaking in' new vanishes and productions. Roth says the coin should almost take on a life of it's own as it jumps around the body, almost out of the performers' control.

This video is from my Easy To Learn Coin Tricks DVD.