Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Silver Swindle - A review

Like most magicians I have always wanted to add a bit of mentalism into my performances. And I love coins. So, when I heard about Romanos' Silver Swindle from the guys at Vanishing Inc Magic, I knew I had to get it.

This is a 3-phase routine where you can consistently tell whether your volunteer is telling the truth or lying. She is given 2 coins of the same denomination. She initials one. Then, with your back turned, she chooses to keep one and put the other in your hand. At no time do you ever peek at the coin in your hand, yet you immediately know which coin she is holding. Each phase builds in mystery until the big finish in the 3rd phase, where you prove beyond a doubt that you know exactly what (and ‘how’) the spectator is thinking.

The DVD is well-shot with a demo, 2 performances, then a discussion of the effect by Andy Gladwin and Dave Forrest. They go over the included gimmick, the 3-phase routine, and some tips and alternates endings. They also discuss the reasons why the routine works and why it has even fooled other magicians.

Then there is the gimmick, but it’s really quite a stretch to call it that. It’s brilliant, it’s simple, it’s bold, it’s right in their face the entire time, but completely invisible. There is absolutely no fear of the volunteer ever finding how the coin is gimmicked. Managing the gimmick is child's play. There is really nothing to manage. You know immediately where each coin is, so you can concentrate on your presentation. And no worry about them burning your hands. They could even record your presentation and still never see any suspicious moves, because there are none!

The DVD cover says: No peeks No marks No magnets No stooges No electronics No chemicals

and all of it is definitely true. No creative wording here.

The routine is extremely easy to learn. I successfully performed it twice within 12 minutes of having watched the entire DVD. At just $25 this is a steal! A ready to go, professional routine that is easy to do, packs small, plays huge, and has a wonderful ending that brings the entire routine to strong finish. You need to get Silver Swindle by Romanos today!

Highly recommended!

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