Thursday, April 10, 2014

Holy COW!

Our friends Dave and Craig at World Magic Shop have just announced a new coin magic DVD called Holy C.O.W. (Coin of Wildness). The advertising blurb says that this is all done with no gimmicks, just sleights. Which is very exciting for coin magic purists like me!

The trailer shows so very nice vanishes, productions, and changes along with some new handlings of coin classics. You'll see a very visual Spellbound, a one-at-a-time change of 4 coins, and a coins across. The DVD appears to be an extension of Chef Tsao's technique in his Arming System DVD, a move also used by Tristan Mory on his Metal Eclipse DVD. This move is pretty angle-sensitive and I'm curious to see if Chef Tsao has addressed this in the DVD.

Until I get it and can review it. Check out the trailer!

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