Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Instant Gratification: Radek Makar's "Into Thin Air"

You've got $5 burning a hole in your pocket. What to do? Grab a Vanilla Carmel Macchiato from Starbucks or learn a super-clean vanish and reproduction of 3 coins?

Of course, the coin trick! Duh.

This bit of instant gratification is brought to you by another of the unsung stars of coin magic; Radek Makar. Radek is from Gdynia, Poland and currently lives and performs in Aberdeen. As you will see, his coin magic is clean and to the point. No over-proving or unnecessary moves. In Radek's Into Thin Air three coins turn invisible one at a time and are hung in mid air. The hand the coins vanish from is cleanly displayed after each vanish. Then the three coins are plucked from the air and become visible again. Check it out...


This routine is a real worker. There are no gimmicks and only 3 coins are used. The coins can be borrowed and can be replaced with casino chips, tokens, or even Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mints...mmmmm, Thin Mints. There are no clothing or lighting restrictions and the routine looks as good in person as it does on YouTube. All this for just $5!

Grab Radek's Into Thin Air instant download at VinnyMarini.com or at Chris Wasshuber's Lybrary.com and you'll have a stunning anytime/anywhere miracle by tonight. Then you can use it to impress that cutie at Starbucks as she brews you up their latest diabetic nightmare.