Friday, March 21, 2014

3 Coin Roll Down

The world of coin magic is curiously bereft of Coin Flourishes. Where card magic is over-flowing with them, coin magicians seem to restrict themselves to just the Steeplechase. I think a few well-executed flourishes greatly enhance any coin effect. So here is a quick contribution from my ShowOff With Coins DVD; the 3 Coin Roll Down. It's an easy version of the classic 4 coin roll down.

I like to use this flourish at the end of a 3 Fly effect. When the final coin vanishes from the left hand, I close my right hand around all it's coins, as if catching the in-transit 3rd coin. A slight pause and then I roll the coins out into the 3 formation. This helps to build some suspense before the reveal of the 3rd coin. It shows off a bit of skill. And it ends the routine with a nice display.

The mechanics should be pretty easy to pick up from the video. If not, here's a quick tutorial.