Thursday, February 13, 2014

Instant Gratification: Marion Boykin’s JumpMandu

If you’re like me, you love to learn good magic, but you hate to wait for UPS to deliver it. Fortunately for us, in the uncharted corners of the internets a group of little-known magicians have been creating some of the most incredible magic downloads you’ve ever seen. One of these unsung stars is coin magician Marion Boykin.

Marion’s JumpMandu is a Copper/Silver routine in overdrive. A copper English Penny and a silver Half Dollar are cleanly shown in two very empty hands. The hands never touch, but just a wave and the two coins have changed places. Another smooth wave and the coins jump hands again. And again! Even though he fairly shows you the two coins, they jump again just as you are getting your bearings. Finally, held at the fingertips, the two coins once again switch places without ever coming near each other.

Featuring Marion’s own Crimp Change and a few basic coin sleights, JumpMandu slaps you between the eyes from the start and never lets up. The download includes a performer’s point-of-view video teaching all the moves, then another from the spectator’s view that ties all the moves together and teaches you the flow of the routine. Additionally, you receive a pdf of the routine with more detail, alternate endings, new ideas, and crediting.

These are not studio-shot videos in front of group of over-actors and that’s a good thing. They are shot with good lighting, excellent detail, and Marion’s relaxed, but thorough, teaching style. Watching these videos makes you feel like you’re having a jam session with a good friend.

There are so few routines that are true ‘workers’. By this I mean routines that have been tested in front of real audiences of lay people, require no crazy set-up, use no exotic gaffs or sleights, and can be done anywhere at anytime. And when you DO find ‘workers’ there are usually priced in the $35-$40 range.

Marion’s JumpMandu is available as an instant download from for just $15! Which means that with a few bucks and a couple mouse clicks you can dig in right and start learning a routine that I know will quickly find a permanent place in your pocket. Can you say ‘instant gratification’?

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